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Forum » Internet Online Speicherdienste » Golden Goose Sneaker gold - 13 Juni 2021 Antworten
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Golden Goose Sneaker gold

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Text printed in gold-tone at tongue. A statement of lifestyle and self-expression, the Yeah. Super-Star is a couple, a family, a gang of friends. Signature suede star applique in grey and gold-tone logo stamp at outer side. Super-Star sneakers, a Golden Goose classic, are Golden Goose part of all our collections, and every season you can always find new colours and innovative finishes.

Perforated detailing at sides. Golden Goose Sneaker We take our idea of style to a new level with our sneakers. White logo stamp at heel tab. Textured rubber midsole in white with gold-tone logo stamp at outer side. The cardboard is flimsy and feels like the box of a budget brand, as such my box was already dented and misshaped.

With our sneakers we love to play around with contrasts, creating unique combinations and rewriting the classic rules. Round toe. As soon as I put this pair on for the first time, I could instantly feel how comfortable they were. The Hi Stars borrowed the design of the Superstars and added details like the double foxing on the platform sole and the hand-written lettering along the edge.

These Slide sneakers are inspired by characteristic cars with a laminated chassis, like the upper on our sneakers, shooting through the United States. Another thing I love about the golden goose sneakers is you don't have to stress about keeping them perfect looking, since they kind of come with that "worn" look already.

Signature buffed leather applique in yellow, text printed in black, and textile trim in beige at outer sides. The metropolitan design of our Francy sneakers updates its style in this limited-edition LAB version with python-print leather upper and silver glitter inserts.

Tonal terry cloth lining. So. I've never found a shoe SO comfortable that you can literally wear it all day long and never get sore feet or blisters. These Mytheresa exclusives are made from the label's carefully considered mix of silver glitter and white leather, and they're intentionally scuffed on Golden Goose Mens the soles and toes.

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Forum » Internet Online Speicherdienste » Golden Goose Sneaker gold

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